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Down the California Coast

We spent one less day driving down the coast of California than I had planned. When there is torrential downfall; there tends to be less relaxing beach time. At least when it comes to caring about the safety of my camera.

Driving from King Range National Conservation area we didn't get out of the rain until south of San Francisco. Finally got to the edge of the rain in Monterey about 350 miles from where we started that day.

It hadn't stopped raining, but it was nice enough to have a walk around town. Afer buying salt water taffy and doing some people watching it was time to get back on the road. Once outside of town we found a place to stretch our legs away from cars and people. Just rocks and the ocean. Point Lobos area.

Next on the drive was the part of the trip I had driven before and was really excited to get to see again; Big Sur and it's bridges and large mountains dropping right off into the deep blue waters.

Bixby Bridge in the previous two pictures.

There was still rain. But it wasn't always coming down; unlike earlier in the day. If it wasn't for the rain, obviously, I wouldn't have been able to experience a rainbow in Big Sur.

Little by little the clouds started fading away.

Eventually the day had to come to an end. Thankfully we were past the thick clouds and got a beautiful sunset at Piedras Blancas lighthouse.

The next morning woke to find ourselves in Morro Bay.

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