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Storm on the coast

My Christmas trip didn't start off sunny. My intention was to camp at Kings Canyon in California for two nights and explore the largest wilderness area on the west coast. It didn't stop raining for the first two plus days of my trip. It wasn't just rain. It was torrential downpour and high winds.

Anytime there was a break in the downpour I attempted to get pictures of my surroundings. Got the tent set up in a continual mist and had a campfire. Then didn't camp again after not being able to sleep in 50 mph winds and then torrential downpour again. That was not an ideal time to take down camp.

Smith River in northern California. For this shot I wasn't able to get out of my car for fear of drenching my camera. I positioned my car in a way that I could get this while keeping my camera fully protected from the rain.

Another shot of the Smith River. This time I had gotten out of my car and tempted a bit of fate with my camera.

Outlet of Eel River in Port Kenyon, CA As you can see there was still no sun. Not happening.

Lucky Cows

Eventually after driving and looking at the coast I felt like I was going to make it.

Finally at sea level.

Now time to set up camp and then check the beach behind the berm.

The beach was empty of others, just doom on the horizon.

The only other campers got up and left at 2 AM because of the heavy winds. This shot was in the dead of the night with a 96 second exposure.

The following day gave a nice rainy drive through some redwoods.

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