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The Start of the Next Step

The idea for how to go about my own photography blog was partly started while hiking to the top of Mt St. Helens. That brings me to my first picture for this blog. The featured picture was taken once reaching the top of Mt St Helens. The view is across Spirit Lake towards Mt Rainier. It was a journey that took me through various natural habitats. That's my plan for this blog. Take the reader through various natural habitats of a photographer. OK... so it's a flimsy reason to start with that picture. But listen up and I will make the analogy work. Plus I love the picture.

What I mean by natural habitats of a photographer is: camera settings, photoshop, how to frame the world, post processing and basically anything from your first idea to pick up a camera, to hanging a print on a wall.

This is my world and how I go about seeing it as a photographer. Tips and tricks to come in the near future to help you become more adept with a camera.

#photo #mtrainier #spiritlake #mtsthelens #pacificnw #hiking

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