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Nature inspired Andy Vic focuses on what lies between large cities that makes our world unique.
Andy Vic was formally trained in Ecotourism to educate himself on the natural world and help others travel in an environmentally and locally conscience way. Photography helps him focus on the moment and the Pacific Northwest has become his muse.
His work has been exhibited at Pearl Gallery for solo and joint shows, street fairs, shared in restaurants, and retail stores. He has prints in the permanent collections on display at Good Samaritan Medical Center, Mt Hood Meadows, local clinics and business offices.
Andy Vic’s newest collection warps his photography into surreal landscapes focusing on geometric shapes and symmetry; giving new life to nature photography.  Specializes in printing on metallic paper and solid aluminum. His work in the framing and printing industry make it possible for him to handle the production of his art from photographing to hanging on the wall. 

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